On Sunday BRUNCHCLUB hopped on buses provided by Grindr and took a lil' road trip to Washington D.C. to attend the #MarchforEquality. The day was long, v hot, and also v empowering.

Our team joined thousands of queens of all ages, colors, sexual and gender identities, we took to the streets to demand change from the current (lack of) leadership in Washington. 

If you're someone who doesn't identify as queer or with the LGBTQIA family you're probably wondering: "What more could they want? They have marriage equality!"

First, how'd you find our website? Second, listen up.

The current administration in the White House didn't acknowledge June as pride month which was first nationally recognized by President Bill Clinton in June of 2000. Republican lawmakers still think it's OKAY to cut funding from LGBTQIA healthcare, church folk are still doing this shit, and Katy Perry is still a thing (a hate crime tbh).

We're still fighting for visibility, equality and recognition. This is why we march.

Click through the photos above to check out our favorite moments from the #NationalEqualityMarch.


Brunch Club