Photos: Zach Nutman

This is the Trump's America that we prayed for.

NO this isn't your grandma's needlepoint. This is 'needleporn.' Basically, this is what we wish we had during our queer past lives in the 1800s sans interweb.

Zach Nutman, a Brooklyn based artist, celebrates queer sex through what he calls 'needleporn.' Zach takes the grandmotherly art of needlepoint to depict queers of every color (hell yes) having uncensored and unapologetically QUEER sex. Zach's 'needleporn' will 100% lead the great coalition to MAGA.

We just want a bunch of these covering every wall in our bedroom, honestly.

For making queer art that celebrates sex, diversity, and makes us want to call grandma, Zach Nutman's 'needleporn' is #shitwelike.

*click through the images above to see more of zach's work.


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