Sylvia Rivera

Sylvia Rivera

Sylvia Rivera

'Happy pride', a phrase our community shouts with gusto all through the month of June. Most of us are well aware of why we celebrate - equality, visibility and civil rights among other things - but there are important figures who remain in the dark and are not celebrated as they should. 

You've heard about Milk, Haring and maybe you also know about Marsha, but have you heard about Sylvia Rivera? 

Rivera, a Latina trans woman, is an unsung leader of our community. She was at the forefront of the stonewall riots, fighting a battle she was later erased from. 

This LGBTQIA hero struggled with drug use and spent most of her life on the streets hustling to survive. But nonetheless she was always fighting for our right to wave that multicolored flag with pride. 

Rivera is a trailblazer when it comes to the trans movement, she fought the good fight until the end of her days. 

She was a founding member of the Gay Liberation Front and the Gay Activists Alliance. Along with Marsha P. Johnson, Rivera co-founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR), a group dedicated to helping homeless young drag queens and trans women of color. 

Now years after her battle began, the trans community is more visible than ever but the fight isn't over just yet. 

So as you take to the streets to spread messages of love and pride do it for all the courageous and fierce heroes who came before us.

For her courage, fierceness and legacy Sylvia Rivera is #ShitWeLike

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