'The Love Bomb'

He has the most symmetrical face we've ever seen. He isn't this or that. He is Nico Tortorella.

Nico Tortorella is dismantling the code of what it means to be a pretty boy and his podcast 'The Love Bomb' is how we've been getting through each and every work week TBQH. 'The Love Bomb' is the podcast we never knew we neededEvery episode makes our little queer hearts explode.

Nico invites a diverse cast of guests, who are people he has loved (literally) or has yet to love, to have conversations about sexuality, gender, race and everything in between. 

'The Love Bomb' along with its sexy and fluid host are saying au revoir to labels and starting a conversation about bisexuality, a topic our community often shies away from.

For telling the world that it's OK to date girls, and its OK to date boys, and maybe even all at once, Nico and 'The Love Bomb' is #shitwelike

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